Future Newsroom v2.0

This video from 2014’s Arab Media Forum shows a later variation on the Newsroom of the Future. This time it’s a flashier, more exciting product that focusses on user experience for the editor, who gets to throw screens and feeds around the globe like Robert Downey Jr in Iron Man.

The Arab Media Forum interface looks optimistic compared to the dreary content management systems editors use in the West but it addresses a different mission for news gathering: One that’s global and that makes its workers feel part of a positive tech-driven story.

Contrast it with the tech-led experiences in our newsrooms. In the UK and US, newsrooms are increasingly mastered by technology, rather than becoming masters of technology. Editors focus on distribution across social platforms, on reader engagement, on counting the milliseconds a reader might view a video for before their attention is drawn elsewhere.

The video above looks more like a science fiction scene than a newsroom but at least shows the possibility of newsrooms using tech, rather than being used by it.